Whether at the office or at home, electricity is something without which we cannot imagine ourselves and soon we realize how dependent we are on electricity. We have wiring, electric fitting, electrical appliances at home or in the office and sometimes we face problems with electric wiring, instruments etc.

Well, for any electric repair, we need a professional to fix the problem as we cannot do it ourselves. We need an electrician on time to fix the problems. Understanding the cause and fixing the problem is the job of a person who specializes in that particular field. The electric professionals install as well as maintain electrical power and control the entire systems in offices, residences or factories.

Electricians work outdoors as well as indoors and almost work every day full time including weekends. In most states a person who is carrying out electrical work needs to have a license. Sometimes they have to work outdoors in cramped spaces and standing for long hours, kneeling makes them tired. Those who are employed in factories also bear the noise of heavy machineries while working. In such cases they need hearing protection to avoid excess noise.

Illness or Injuries

Some of them work individually, whereas other prefers to work in teams to meet customer’s requirement. They also face injuries or serious illness than others. Those who work in factories sometimes face common injuries like burns and minor injuries. To avoid such accidents factories also provide protective clothing or glasses to their employees to avoid injuries.


1. Read diagrams or blueprints

2. install wiring, lighting systems, wiring and also take care of maintenance

3. Inspect various electrical components like circuit breakers and transformers

4. Use testing devices to identify different electrical problems.

5. Use power and hand tools to repair fixtures, wiring and other equipment

6. Train and guide workers to carry out repair, install and maintenance work successfully.

It is easy to install new electric systems in a building which is newly constructed rather than maintaining the electrical system in existing or old buildings. Similarly identifying the problem in old electrical equipment is more difficult than repairing or installing new electrical equipment. To identify problems with equipment they go through diagrams and available blue prints and also use voltmeters, cable testers, ammeters, thermal scanners etc.

Some of them work with building engineers while others prefer to consult a construction specialist for small projects as working for huge project needs an experienced team. Some look up for contracts with elevator installers and some prefer to work only with heating and cooling systems.

The task they perform isn’t easy and we all expect them to work as fast as they can. It takes time to identify problem, but they make sure our work is done.