We say our basic needs are food, water and clothing. True, we need food and water to survive. Without them out bodies would be dehydrated and we will have no nutrition in our bodies as we cannot produce our own nutrients like trees. From these two too, water is of the utmost importance as even without food we can survive a few days if we have water. Clothing is something that can help us keep our bodies warm. Since we no longer have a thick layer of fur like our ape ancestors, we need these clothes to keep our bodies warm. However, there is something that is not mentioned in this list. That is probably because everyone in this planet gets it without even thinking about it. That is air. Without air anyone would die within minutes.

Normally, air is a natural factor that we get from the environment free of charge. However, there are situations where we have to create breathable air using an oxygen generator that is available in the market.


Sometimes when we are too weak and ill we are unable to breathe on our own. At that moment a hospital supplies us with breathable air. This air is created by the hospital artificially. They have such air generators at hospitals that help them supply the much needed air for their patients who are too weak even to breathe.

Military and First Responders

Then, we have the military and the first responders. Military needs to have air because they are deployed in different parts of the world and during their missions they sometimes have to take an air supply to the place they go. At the same time, in war zones also there are wounded soldiers who are in need of breathable air that is artificially provided.

First responders are the people who arrive at a place where an incident took place to provide pre-hospital care that they can to the ones affected by the said incident. For both military and the first responders portable oxygen generators are the best choice. Click here for more details on portable oxygen generators.

Other than these life and death situations air also has an industrial use where artificially prepared air is used to fields such as veterinary, chemical, food and beverages, etc.

Therefore, though we have air everywhere in the world that we can access free of charge, there are times when we have to produce air artificially. At those times if you can find a trusted and certified company to provide you with access to artificially created air all your problems will be solved.